CRUX, a journal of Christian thought and opinion, seeks to expound the basic tenets of the Christian faith and to demonstrate that Christian truth is relevant to the whole of life. Its particular concern is to relate the teachings of Scripture to a broad spectrum of academic, social and professional areas of interest, to integrate them and to apply the insights gained to corporate and personal Christian life and witness.

Founded in 1962 by the Toronto Graduate Christian Fellowship and subsequently published by a group of Christian faculty members associated with Scarborough College in the University of Toronto, CRUX has been published by Faculty and Alumni of Regent College, Vancouver, BC, Canada since 1979.

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Editorial Board

Editor: Julie Lane Gay
Literary Editor: James I. Packer
Managing Editor/Designer: Dal Schindell
Copy Editor: Bethany Murphy
Book Review Editor: Bill Reimer
Poetry Editor: Luci Shaw
Editorial board: The Regent College Faculty